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ROBO Kids Typing Software is a Windows typing software program suitable for kids with learning, spelling and/or language difficulties. Imagine the increase in your child's confidence when they can produce very legible paragraphs with correctly spelt words.

As your child types, suitable words appear on the panel on the left hand side, in the order of the most frequently used. With the most frequently 3000 words there are example sentences to further help your child identify the correct word.

  • Improved unsupervised typing accuracy through word selections and example sentences.
  • Increases your child's confidence by creating legible correctly spelt typing.
  • Increased word recognition through prompts and sentences.
  • Cool backgrounds suited to both boys and girls to make typing an enjoyable experience.
  • Extremely easy to use interface designed for children
  • US, UK, Australian & NZ Dictionaries
  • Customizable vocabulary up to 14,800+ words
  • Example sentences for over 3000 words
  • Words arranged in order of most frequent use
  • Child friendly only words in dictionary
  • Modern technology words added e.g. laptop, upload, etc
  • Local Cities and towns added e.g Los Angeles, Chicago etc
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The ROBO Kids Typing software is only $US29.95, a small price to pay for the development of your kids.

A network version is available from $US59.95 and also includes access to the online version.

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