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Hi there, I'm Paul Roberts, the software developer behind ROBO Kids Typing Software, but also the father of two children with dyspraxia.

It is with real passion that I have developed this software program.

Our son has a severe case of dyspraxia, and writing for him is extremely challenging. For him its immensely frustrating, he's got some great ideas in his head, but to write it down is not easy. His letters do get muddled, he finds spelling difficult and the only way he can keep up with his peers in school is by typing.

Though the support at my son's school has been great, it is really becoming obvious computer assisted technology is the only way which is going to propel him in the future.

We were recommended a software program costing $US300, but this is out of our price range, and would be the same for many parents in the same situation. One other product would only give a list of words after the first three letters are typed, another required me to log into Facebook. I developed this software to fill a need.

But our story does not stop here.

We hope this software is useful for you, but we also want to hear your story.

We invite you to test drive the software, and let us know how ROBO Kids Typing Software has helped your children.

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The ROBO Kids Typing software is only $NZ39.95 (inc GST), a small price to pay for the development of your kids.

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